Program Update 2

Now theres been quite a gap since the last Program Update, so the amount of progress could really have gotten us up to about Program Update 7 by now!

We are almost ready for launch! We have managed to complete the majority of our planned features, and are now busy implementing an Authentication method, which is nearing completion!

We will then work on implementing our starting list of games, before releasing the program for public purchase! As a quick rundown of the starting featurelist (and currently only planned feature list, user feedback will possibly provide more features to come in the future) includes:

  • Calculating sensitivity for multiple games at once and being provided a list of suggested in-game sensitivities personalised to each games engine.
  • Saving these settings and results into a profile which can be re-accessed through our profiles list. These can be later edited, and also deleted.
  • Providing easy to find downloads for common Mouse Acceleration Fixes for Windows, along with Driver Updates for your mice (provided on our website).
  • Altering your Windows Sensitivity from inside our program (however we strongly recommend staying on 6/11 (Default), as this makes our calculations far more accurate, and is known to provide a better and smoother experience for the most part (some extremely high DPI mice can run at 5/11 or even 4/11 without any problems).

Our games list will come out on the website upon launch, along with the list of games that we plan to implement, and a way for users to suggest their favourite games for us to consider (as we need access to the game to be able to implement it!)

Look forward to the release of SameSens! No more muscle memory issues!


Program Update 1


Our program is off to a wonderful start. The UI is 90% up and running, and completely functional. We are currently working on plans for certain feature implementations, and will then begin work on implementing the more mechanical code.

Features we have finished:

  • Overall User Interface
  • Automatically obtaining Windows Sensitivity
  • External Links

Features we are working on:

  • Algorithm implementation
  • Profile saving
  • Adding more games support

Features we plan to work on:

  • Authentication method
  • Profile sharing
  • Supporting even more games!



Developer Update 1


SameSens has been moving along brilliantly! Recently we have managed to get our very own site up and running. It is currently on a free-host until we fully release.

We also made a Facebook Page and a Twitter account! (@SameSens)

To keep up with the development and launch of SameSens:

And most of all just share the word! No more sensitivity inconsistencies!